Thursday, September 27, 2012

Aloha.....and mahalo

The universe told me this morning that without a doubt, on this golden day, amid my dancing manifestations in a perfect world on an emerald planet while my heart beats, my blood flows, and angels peer over my shoulder, that I just might be the *luckiest* person alive.

I believe it.

One more day until I leave for Hawaii, and the sun is still gloriously shining in Vancouver. What a summer it has been. I truly feel that I have been blessed with the spirit of aloha.

The term “aloha” means more than hello, and there is really no other word that describes it.  You can feel what it means, but it is bigger than any description.   The term comes from “alo”, which means presence, and “ha", meaning breath - the literal meaning of the term is therefore “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life”. Aloha is positive energy, living in harmony, affection, peace and compassion.

I feel blessed that my heart beats and the sweat drips.

I feel blessed for the sunshine that has uplifted my spirit and made training in September a pleasure.

But most of all, I feel blessed for the incredible people who surround me and share with me their passion, inspiration and compassion.

….the lovely friend left me a treat in my gym bag at the pool. Notwithstanding that anything that conjures up visions of food is particularly motivating these days, I was truly touched.

….the friends who joined me on Saturday to partake in four hours of hard bike intervals. That is serious inspiration, serious dedication and serious positivity. 

...the friends who, amidst their incredibly busy lives, have still had the time to spend with me, listen to me, and from time to time, talk down that little devil that sometimes sits on my shoulders.

…the girls who suffered along with me on my crazy Sunday brick run. It was hands down the hardest workout I have ever done – and yet, the two of them hung in for 51 laps of UBC track, smiles on their faces until the end. There is an unexplained joy in that feeling of accomplishment together.  (I will admit that the smiling may have been caffeine-induced delerium...but it did feel pretty good.)

…the colleague who called me last night to wish me luck, and to tell me that I inspired him to wake at 5am for a run workout.

…the friend who selflessly offered me a ride to the airport at 5pm on a Friday night (because no one ever really wants to drive to Richmond in Friday afternoon traffic). 

I love you all, and have such incredible gratitude for you.  Mahalo.

The flip flops, lycra, sunscreen and bike are packed.  Trepidation and anxiety are waiting in the wings, but I have no intention of packing them along for the trip.  My belief that anything you dream is possible is still well in hand. 

Yes, I may just be the luckiest person alive.

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