Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New beginnings

Well, holidays are over....and with the end of 2009 comes the end of that blissful season known as "base". To me base is really just maintenance - it means not taking training too seriously, eating a Purdy's caramel (or nine) and not getting too fussed over skipping a zone 3 workout here and there (Okay, I admit....I skipped quite a few!).

After a 10 day vacation in Kauai to usher out 2009 and welcome 2010, this week marks the beginning of my build to IMC!

In less than a week I will be on my Ironman training schedule, with a scant 33 weeks of training to go. I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around the distance - a 16 week training program for a marathon is so familiar to me, yet 33 weeks to build to full Ironman distance just doesn't seems like enough time!

Yesterday marked my return to the hell that is known as the Peak winter racing series (more on the *rollercoaster* to come....I'm still not ready to talk about it) and today was my first day back at tri-fit swim after a three week break. Amazingly, all of the base work I did in the fall on my swim stroke seems to have become ingrained and it was curiously relaxing to be back in the water. Yes, you read that right - the girl who hated swimming for 34 1/2 years just said it was relaxing to be back in the water.

Looking forward, the Phoenix rock'n'roll half marathon is coming up on Sunday, and Calvin Gehlen (www.finishlinecoaching.com) is helping me put together my IMC training plan. I am excited about returning to the structure of a proper training schedule, and particularly motivated to get back on the bike after a short hiatus over the holidays!

Although running almost every day during vacation got me energized for the upcoming build to Boston (I love running in Hawaii!), I have to admit that I really missed being on the bike. Note that this says bike; I did not miss the trainer one little bit. Here's hoping that the winter rain will be short lived so that I can get out on Ruby soon!

So, welcome 2010.....I look forward to the challenges you have in store for me!

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