Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 by the numbers

The thing about having technology constantly at our fingertips is that exercise - running, biking, swimming, hiking, whatever - is not just exercise anymore. Whatever stat you are looking for is out there. VO2 max. Heartrate. Cadence. Pace. Elevation. Calories burned. Carbs burned. Brain cells burned.

Some of it is science, some of it merely amusing....and some of it probably just plain flawed.

Training is no longer about going out for a run or a ride. It's about making every workout count for its intended purpose, working on form, improving on weakness and creating strength.

As geeky as it is....it's certainly interesting to look back on the numbers for 2009:

Total distance traveled: 4,131 km
Total calories burned: 182,202
Elevation gain: 83,134 m
Number of runs: 186
4 marathons, 4 half marathons, 2 triathlons
Number of rides: 51
Marathon PB: 3:24:56
Boston PB: 3:29:59
10k PB: 43:31
First olympic tri: 2:35:41
New bikes: 2
Pairs of runners: 5
Tires changed: 7
Gels consumed: more than I care to count!
Gels thrown up: 1
Oyster shots eaten on marathon course: 0
Post-marathon visits to McDonalds: 1

I am such a nerd!!

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