Thursday, November 8, 2012


By the end of this week, I will have 38 years of experience at this life thing.  So, in honor of those years, here are 38 things I know to be true....

1.  Cupcakes are a food group.

2. Dogs are good people.  Even if they do track mud and throw up on your new bedding.
A face only a dog-mom could love.
3. The things you have done matter not. The things you are doing matter more.

4. Unabashed pop music is entirely appropriate on a running playlist.

5. Green and leafy is actually pretty tasty.

6. Running in the rain is fun.

7. Three things one should be able to say, and mean: I am sorry. I love you. I was wrong.

8. Nothing is impossible.

9. All the cool kids wear sunscreen. #lilywhite

10. I may be a tax nerd, but nerdy is sexy.

11. Germans are damned good engineers.

12. The best things made of carbon are not diamonds.

13. A magic transformation happens when you swim at 5:30am!  By 7am you are guaranteed to feel like you can conquer the world.

14. Soda water, not vodka cocktails.

15. It’s okay to say I love you. Often.  Even if the person you say it to squirms.

16. Anything done with a smile hurts a whole lot less.
Kicking it to the curb in St. Croix. 
17. Food can be function…but it can also have soul.

18. If you are honest, you never have to remember.

19. The glasses and braces you had when you were 13 may go away.  The pimples never do.

20. Don’t regret mistakes, just learn from them.

21. Everything happens for a reason.

22. Show appreciation.

23. Training is training. Racing is racing. And sometimes jogging is simply the best!

24. Grace trumps arrogance.

25. Surround yourself with genuine, smart and kind people, and give no time to those that hurt you.

26. Laughing at yourself is awesome.
Stuck upside down?  Oh well.
27. Buy sh*t local. Even if it is cheaper on the internet! 

28. Ignore anyone who belittles you. Great people will never bring you down.

29. Being different is just...different. Embrace your individuality.

30. Alone is not lonely.

31. Training never hurts less. You just get faster (sometimes!)

32. Be unreasonable in committing to your goals.

33. Age is boring and irrelevant.

34. Wearing good shoes is worth every cent.

35. Have an excellent massage therapist, chiro and physiotherapist on speed dial.

36. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable underwear.
Kona undie run.  It doesn't even LOOK comfortable...but those boys are pretty cute. ;)
37. One glass of delicious wine is better than a cheap bottle.

38. Don’t dream. Do it NOW!


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